Africa in the post factual age (be afraid

I have always been interested in education at eagle paints where i worked last we started program which  gave no strings attached scholarship from OND level to MBA the only condition was you were not allowed to fail. Africa’s exploding youth population needs to be handled with care, our ability to reproduce with such vigor must be one of our greatest gifts; it’s also often the fuel for our worst nightmares .
Once more we stand at the precipice of the abyss, in the eye of the storm. Once again history is about to repeat itself but with knowledge there is power; hindsight is 20:20 vision
A quick trip down history I shall gloss over things as the timescale doesn’t allow for anything else . 300 BC and we were at the forefront of technology with the invention of the iron smelting technique by the Nok culture 600 years later and we’ve moved to an era of great agricultural wealth built on transfer of knowledge, free exchange of information, and an open society in another 600 years collapse set in but we didn’t know it . The invention of the self repeating rifle changed everything borders went up, we became a closed and secretive society! The gun changed the balance of power creating great wealth for Western Europe backed by the gold standard. And great wealth for African kingdoms who controlled access to the fabled mines . 600 years ago Africa especially the west coast was coming off the boil of an extended period of economic growth brought about by international demand for minerals and metals primarily gold . The new world had been discovered and the world faced a glut not dissimilar to the oil paradox we are facing .
The world was booming and we had lost our way in the scramble for resource control we had used our kids as fodder for internal wars and had failed to educate them. It got so bad that the world could no longer rely on us for our traditional products woven fabrics, oil for lubricants, spices , leather and metal works . The laws of demand and supply demanded drastic actions.
The slave trade was born it would keep a rotten and corrupt ruling class in gin and velvet the price paid in misery a debt still with us. We could have played it differently. At any point in time we could have said enough, we tried the Fon formed a republic to do just this. But we had shot ourselves in the foot way back when in the Age of Enlightenment we had remained largely in the dark access to education which was plentiful like now we had both the Latin based Greco Roman form of literacy competing with the eastern Arabic based educational systems but we chose to view education with cynicism and treat it like a casual luxury. This lack of literacy left us with a lack of a management class a middle class to help spread information. In fact we were in the throes of a post factual age much like we are now . Where the facts are ignored for hocus locus voodoo political crap . Take a look at the map above the places in white with the Least education were once the greatest states on the continent ancient Ghana kingdom ancient Mali and Songhai and the fabled Sudan the birth place of the Egyptian civilization. Be afraid! Be very afraid

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