We had to go back to the drawing board our developers refused to sign off on the contract to build which included the “all source code and copyright belongs to us”

This had been the basis for all negotiations from the beginning but once they got further into discussions and saw the LoFi site they decided it would be best to try to shoe horn their way in by blackmail believing because we had gone so far down the product development specification line we would have no choice but to capitulate to their demands

Thankfully with the guidance of our advisers and the information already extracted from them we had a very high specification sheet and so we could go straight to and put the project up for bid .we have given the contract out but this has but us back approximately 2 months it also costs a bit more but we are getting a far better product all round .

Tips for engagement on

1, the better your specifications the better the quality of bids you will get in

2, stick to your guns ; be sure you have sorted out your budget and your technical specifications and your deliverables and time

3, Make a frequently asked questions document this way you can improve everyone’s understanding of the project by adding all questions addressed, to this document and allowing all bidders access

4, clearly state your terms for engagement i.e non disclosure, full copyright , source codes required! READ THE SMALL PRINT

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