Does this interface make me look phat ?

Tackling developer coding and design web interface issues on a lofi iteration of our site our first we also get some feedback .

The last week has been a series of design meetings we have been trashing a lofi site we created taking it to pieces and putting it back together again while we configure the data base. We have also been sorting out user interface issues creating flow diagrams to ensure consistency and confirm logic while eliminating redundancy and also tweaking data model to incorporate a more robust revenue model and working on an international model harnessing the power of google’s interpretation tools , our site/app is mainly sign/icon based and word lite this last two issues/oppurtunities arose from the feedback on the lofi site our mantra through this has been  keep calm and carry on

It has been incredible testing the lofi site , and our list of people waiting to use the beta site has grown considerably which to be fair wasn’t that hard as we started from just me J but I am pleasantly surprised by the feedback , thoroughly ashamed of the product, and humbled by the reception it has gotten , fingers crossed the version that shall reach the testers will be considerably better than the lofi site

We are about 3 weeks behind schedule and I see this moving to 7 weeks as we shall build the fully functional html5 web application and then get the mobile apps built we hope to be able to wrap this html5 app for delivery to the various mobile platforms but I have my doubts on this as html5 being so new has issues on older platforms (which became apparent when testing on the lofi site ). It is without a doubt the future and the only way to proceed

Bless the creators of Kanban method they created a fortress that developers can run to in uncertain times our baskets are full and we are reassured in the knowledge that all we must do is wait

We have established contacts with typical users in walled gardens for our tests and hope to be ready by April fools day

We have also been immersing our self in tutorials from  @quicksprout tweets from @bbhlabs @kissmetrics @lalibizconsultt @mrpaladin

Reading “Inside intuit” how the makers of quicken beat Microsoft and revolutionized an entire industry Suzanne Taylor Kathy Schroeder and get big fast Robert Spector

So much to do so little time we stand on the shoulders of giants

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