Houston we have lift off

Houston we have lift off

The build has begun in earnest hats off to our technical advisers who held our hands all the way and a round of applause for our design team who are giving us a great face .

We spent a week playing ping pong with the spec sheet which emphasizes the point you are only as good as your spec sheet and ours was pretty clear but still ….the vision is in your head as a founder and everyone thinks they know what you want and so you spend a lot of time dealing with subtleties and trying to educate on a need to know basis

In the end we are using local talent for the design and build . I’ve used www.elance.com and http://www.99designs.com in the past and can create wire frames and data models to help get the message across but outsourcing of work is a very exacting process to get the best results , it leaves no room for grey areas and when you are stepping into the abyss of startups  there is a lot of grey

 I felt at this early stage the need for some fresh views and some feedback also I knew there  was a gap that required a leap of fate on the part of the designers and so we went out and spoke to as many local people as we could find and then let fate take its course

There has been a lot of talk about having a technical partner , this is Akin to saying you need to be a farmer to sell milk , while I can see the obvious benefits there are so many talents required and so many skill sets in the technical arena that I can’t see how this is a necessity

What you do need is a basic knowledge of the industry, a hungry mind willing to learn, very good real life contacts that are highly skilled in their area of expertise and who you could call on for advice.

 I would suggest you pay for what you need done and move on , this would vary as you grow and the skills required will also change this way you are free to change with your needs and to follow the best possible technical path

Infact it’s possible that the lack thereof could be an advantage forcing you to bring out the leanest MVP your budget can take

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