What does a website cost?

What does a website cost?

Need a website? Why not give Offroadcode a call. They wrote a brilliant article last year see link :- http://whatdoesawebsitecost.co.uk/Grid.aspx

which we included in our resource list see earlier post

Things to consider when calculating the cost of a website

Week two on the job

We have a first draft of a data model and are hoping to have a final draft by the end of the week,

We shall be using html5 going forward to design the data base and the business logic layer which brings us nicely to :

What does a website cost below is a short list of things we added to our wish list

A, include testing through out site

B, cloud solution for hosting

C, search facilities within site required

D, Information will be stored on a data base

E, video will be integrated

F, It most be scalable

G, it needs to be small screen friendly

H,multi lingual support to be provided

I, Build , Test , Deploy



1, the primary purpose of an mvp is to answer questions (learn) not make money :-http://bit.ly/xxv4QO

What are your measurable goals :- Turnover , Downloads, Conversions ,sales

We have decided to ensure we can test for conversions from free to premium

2, the secondary purpose to scorch the earth around our moat see article :-  http://bit.ly/fi5e8m

We shall be releasing in various languages


3, We are blown away by the  free advise in online marketing we have already had from @neilpatel and the  wonderful  folks at @quicksprout . Twitter really is “a big deal”

4, vanity we could deliver a far sleeker product without adverts also there would be no brand confusion

We have new graphics

5, sanity a faster sleeker product will get us more downloads

We are addressing the issue of sales by launching with the premium option available from the get go and a model for revenue generation that can be tested

Unfortunately we can’t build as lo fi a site as we would like without missing the core functionality,we are going to have to invest a bit of time and money to get the basic functionality up and running

In the realisation of this we have had to do a fair bit of customer research further strengthning our resolve to push on through convinced of the value adding properties we are building .

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