Mad About Design

This week has been all about design

From logos to page designs,  wire frames and platforms, functions  and features .

We have decided on our Logo and just need it to be fleshed out, so there is a coherence between the various iterations from avatars to letterheads

We have our first two advisers on board they shall be giving advice on programming they are seasoned veterans in enterprise software

We have decided to go with a standard  java/J2ME  web site for speed and ease of conversion

We shall be looking to use apache flex to deliver to each of our targeted platforms see article :-

We decided not to bother with trying to serve adverts on the platforms as a source of revenue

1, the primary purpose of an mvp is to answer questions (learn) not make money see article :-

2, the secondary purpose to scorch the earth around our moat see article :-

3, we felt uncomfortable asking for help and advice on forums and sites if you have adverts on the app

4, vanity we could deliver a far sleeker product without adverts also there would be no brand confusion

5, sanity a faster sleeker product will get us more downloads

We trimmed down our features list

And have started work on our landing page and news letter which would be going out to announce the product once built

We should have finalized all design question marks by the end of this week and should be into the build proper


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