building a webstartup the leanstartup way

a little bit of history …… while working on keeping a 30 year old manufacturing business alive , we had to look at “the internet” to further distribution , we stumbled upon the leanstartup methodology.

In applying this to the business we discovered our “MVP” minimum viable product was not our traditional product we arrived at “the Epiphany” and hence our decision to “Pivot”

At present we are at stage 4 of

How to Build a Web Startup: Lean LaunchPad Edition

Steve Blank :- the most influential blog we read in 2011.

We are currently building a lo fi site

here is a list of weblinks we found most help full from people we follow on twitter which have been the basis of our research

lean startup links

and here is a link to our previous blog from the manufacturing firm which lead to the current iteration

who’s eating my lunch

From this you’ll notice it could be said we have had a dry run , we feel optimistic about our chances , its a new year and we feel good

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